OpenMake Software Mojo

Easy to Configure Continuous Integration

Continuous integration and workflow are critical best practices for agile, lean and other fast-moving development methodologies. OpenMake Mojo gives you, your team - or your entire enterprise - fast, easy to configure continuous integration and enterprise scale workflow. With dozens of available tool plug-ins, Mojo enables you to get your continuous build workflows - and your entire build management process - up and running quickly. Mojo's features include fast, distributed builds, enterprise scalability and best of breed ALM tool plug-ins including Apache™ Subversion® for source code management (SCM).

With Mojo, you start with your existing build scripts, add some basic information about where and how to retrieve source code - and start building. You can execute builds on a schedule, based on source code changes, or even based on custom criteria. Mojo enables you to quickly configure complex build workflows to automate your build, test and deploy activities - eliminating costly manual procedures. Most of our customers report that Mojo takes less than 10 minutes to configure per project - and fast setup means fast benefits for your team.

Why CollabNet and OpenMake?

Mojo harnesses the power of cloud computing, scaling your build management process across multiple physical or virtual machines. With several per-agent licensing options available, your team will see positive productivity gains, fewer software defects and greater collaboration, all at budget-friendly prices. Mojo integrates with Subversion by monitoring file changes and initiating a continuous integration loop for build to release activities, including Subversion check-out, build script execution, testing, code coverage and email notifications. You can upgrade Mojo to a Mojo Max configuration by purchasing either the Professional or Enterprise editions. Mojo Max includes Remote Agents for full distributed build processing.

Facilitate Teamwork

  • Facilitate teamwork and cooperation between development and production control teams through workflow automation.
  • Centralize all workflow logs and reports to a single server for easy and quick, on-demand access.
  • Save money by orchestrating multiple application lifecycle tools in a workflow, eliminating manual single-step processes.

Continuous Integration

  • Support a continuous integration server enabling workflows to be triggered by a SCM check-in or on a scheduled basis.
  • Integrates with popular IDEs allowing your developers to perform all of their workflow and CI configuration activities from their development environment.
  • Allow all team members to view the continuous integration process as it executes with real-time build monitoring.

Intelligent Automation

  • Give development and production control teams autonomy. Developers can define their own unique development workflows;
  • While the production control team uses secured workflows for testing and release activities.
  • Define conditional logic between workflow steps, preventing one step from executing if it has a dependency on a prior step that has failed.

* Apache, Apache Subversion and the Subversion logo are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation. Subversion® is a registered trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.