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Oracle JDeveloper integrates development features for Java, SOA, Web 2.0, Database, XML and Web services into a single development tool. JDeveloper supports every step of the development life cycle, including modeling, coding, debugging, testing, profiling, tuning and deploying applications. All tasks are done from a single IDE using a set of integrated features.

Visual and Declarative Approach: Simplify application development and reduces mundane coding tasks, offering unparalleled productivity and a choice of technology stacks.

Running a Lean, Distributed Team: Streamline the deployment of Apache Subversion® to large distributed teams with advanced security, repository governance and web-based management of users.

Cut Costs per Geographic Location: Eliminate local server deployments, repository replication and local dedicated Software Change Management (SCM) administrators.

Why CollabNet VersionOne and Oracle?

Out-of-the-box, JDeveloper integrates with Apache Subversion and its predecessor CVS. Wizard and menu options let developers invoke these tools from inside the IDE. Developers can add and remove files from the repository, manage version history, check in and out, lock and compare file versions. Developers can compare versions of their files in a visual way for a three-way merge to manage conflict. The JDeveloper IDE Subversion integration offered by Oracle automates much of the manual work involved in interacting with Subversion. A 100% Java-based tool, JDeveloper is a freeware IDE from Oracle and backed by Oracle's service operation to supported customers.

Make Enterprise Java Development More Accessible and Affordable

  • Implement a visual and declarative approach to Java development
  • Manage code life cycle and enable team development through Subversion
  • Lower cost of acquisition - JDeveloper is a completely free commercial IDE that integrates into existing team development investments

Comprehensive IDE-Based Operations

  • Create new repositories. Delete and create remote directories
  • Browse repository connections, display raw file content
  • Checkout, commit, and update code; Branch, Tag, Merge and Switch without leaving JDeveloper

Efficiency and Governance through a Centralized Source Code Repository

  • Facilitate source code management, traceability of changes, intellectual property (IP) protection and governance
  • Share code between projects enabling project reuse
  • Guarantee source code integrity through true atomic commits - nothing takes effect until the entire commit has succeeded

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