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The Build Lifecycle Management Server

PMEase QuickBuild is a continuous integration and release management server, acting as the central place to produce, test, deploy and release software builds. It is designed to guard the health of development projects by preventing broken builds, and to improve your build delivery process by pushing builds going through a customizable pipeline, such as Dev to QA to Release, with related resolved issues and SCM changes.

Guard Project Health - Run continuous integration against uncommitted changes on the build server. If successful the build server can commit the changes for developers automatically. This reduces the risk of committing "bad" code to Subversion.

Manage builds of Many Projects – Organize projects in a hierarchical structure, and utilize inheritance and overriding to encourage build definition reuse, very convenient and powerful when setting up builds for many projects.

Build lifecycle Management – Manage all levels of builds, including continuous integration build, daily build, QA and release build, and tracks associated changes and issues automatically. Build promotion connects different build levels into a customizable build delivery pipeline, and pushes build going through its life cycle smoothly.

Why CollabNet VersionOne and PMEase?

CollabNet VersionOne customers are looking to achieve Continuous Integration (CI), as a best practice of Agile software development. With both companies offering an open architecture for easy integration, CollabNet VersionOne Services recently employed this build solution into TeamForge for a large financial institution to meet their CI requirements. QuickBuild is a multi-platform build automation and management server which helps continuous integration or nightly builds. It features easy to use interface, build promotion, remote and parallel build support, fully customizable build process, ultra powerful build dependency handling, rich set of REST API, mainstream build script support (including Ant, Maven, NAnt, Make, batch file or shell script) and much more. In addition to the commercial license, PMEase also offers free open source and community editions.

Continuous Integration

  • Run proof build to test changes on server before commit or push
  • Monitor/trigger build and receive build notifications through tray monitor without opening browser
  • Run builds upon commit, use a schedule, or upon dependency finish. Run builds concurrently to get fast feedback

Build and Release Management

  • Produce QA build and optionally have the generated artifacts deployed into test servers
  • Compare different QA builds or release builds to get source changes
  • Customize statistics chart of key performance indicators

Build Setup and Workflow Design

  • Organize projects hierarchically for easy management and navigation
  • Design complex build workflow visually, with drag and drop support
  • Reuse build workflows between projects through inheritance and achieve workflow diversity by using variables

About PMEase


PMEase is a private software company focused on providing tools that help with software development and make the life of project team members easier. The founders have worked at several large companies, and the tedious/ambiguous development process frustrated them. In 2005, they decided to start our own company and work on tools that streamline and simplify the software development process from developers' point of view.


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