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Reproduce Any Problem Instantly

ReplayDIRECTOR is a revolutionary software debugging solution that functions like a DVR for Java applications by recording all inputs and events affecting your software while it is running, and providing the ability to replay exactly what happened. Even the most difficult to reproduce defects can be reproduced immediately without the need to replicate the environment and conditions that the defect occurred in. The solution is tightly integrated into Eclipse and works well with Subversion, TeamForge and other ALM tools.

Streamline communications with automated data collection: automatically collect logs, screenshots and software execution recordings and link them to defect reports -- all the data required to reproduce and resolve software defects.

Increase software quality: record and replay software execution ensuring that any recorded issue will be reproduced in a fully "debuggable" environment with live code execution and 100 percent fidelity, thereby eliminating hard-to-reproduce or 'no-repro' bugs.

Saves time and capital resources: simulate servers, databases and load allowing issues to be reproduced and resolved on a single workstation. End-users can skip the time-consuming, capital-intensive process of setting up environments, databases and load normally required to reproduce and resolve issues.

Why CollabNet VersionOne and Replay Solutions?

ReplayDIRECTOR for JavaEE has been architected from the ground-up with collaboration in mind to ensure minimal application impact – even in production environments. With a very efficient method of data capture and small performance footprint, ReplayDIRECTOR can be "always on" so you don't have to know a problem is about to occur in order to capture it. Companies like Credit Suisse and HP use it to resolve defects 50% faster. It automates data collection for performance, security and application logic issues, and guarantees problem replication on any system.

Automate Defect Data Collection

  • Link recordings to defect reports
  • Capture logs automatically, expand logs on Replay
  • Automatically capture end-user experience

Fix Hard-To-Find or Intermittent Defects

  • Determine root-cause in minutes
  • Reproduce live app code execution with 100% fidelity
  • Fully debuggable replay, set breakpoints, step through code

Skip Environment, Database and Load Setup For Defect Replication

  • Save resources and spend less on virtual labs and hardware
  • Reproduce complex issues without the original environment
  • Replay simulates all inputs during playback

About Replay Solutions

Replay Solutions

Replay Solutions automates problem resolution across the application lifecycle. Its flagship ReplayDIRECTOR™ solution makes application teams more productive by taking the guesswork out of finding and fixing problems in development, test, and production environments. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, the company was founded in 2004 and is backed by Hummer Winblad, Partech Ventures, Sigma Partners and Pelion Venture Partners.