Source IQ - Enterprise Server

Transparency and Objectivity Across the Enterprise

SourceIQ provides automated analysis and reporting on software processes and quality, equipping managers, executives and teams with consistent, shared understanding of software development. With this information, teams can optimize processes, gauge compliance, and troubleshoot and overcome project issues. By unlocking key metrics from existing development infrastructures, SourceIQ helps teams to deliver better software with greater predictability, less risk, and lower cost.

Ideal for distributed and outsourced teams, SourceIQ monitors the progress and quality of remote and distributed teams. This yields increased productivity, collaboration, and efficiency for teams, and more effective communication and alignment with goals for managers and executives. By automatically analyzing the source code in your software configuration management systems, SourceIQ Enterprise Server produces a repository of key performance indicators (KPIs) in four critical areas: code quality, code volume and volatility, team contribution, and governance.

Why CollabNet and SourceIQ

SourceIQ integrates with CollabNet to create a solution that brings transparency and objectivity to the development process for executives, managers and teams. SourceIQ automatically derives industry-standard and customer-specific software metrics from the artifacts undergoing change in CollabNet systems, producing an accurate and up-to-date picture of key processes and software quality. With SourceIQ, teams and managers are able to focus on the job at hand, and eliminate time-consuming manual procedures including status reporting, project administration, and team management.

Integration with the Systems You Use

  • Works with Subversion, as well as other source code management, issue and defect tracking, build management and continuous integration systems.
  • Works with mainframe systems, enabling a true picture of change across complex, multi-tier projects.
  • Control access with strong policies and rights management governed by a rich set of group-oriented permissions and privileges.

Automation of the Metrics That Make Sense for Your Projects

  • Ships with a comprehensive suite of industry-standard process and quality assessments.
  • Open architecture allows custom assessment tools to be incorporated into SourceIQ assessment framework.
  • Optional secure mirror of artifacts can be maintained, creating an immutable, trusted audit trail.

Assessments That Work For Any Level of the Organization

  • Analyses and reports scale from the individual team member or project, to distributed teams collaborating on multiple initiatives, for the entire enterprise.
  • Drill-down capabilities allow seamless transition from issue identification to root cause analysis, moving from graphical depictions of change to individual lines of code.
  • Perform code audit and peer review with no IDE requirement, allowing all development stakeholders to be literally on the same page.