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Task-Oriented Approach to Development

Tasktop's CollabNet VersionOne integration provides seamlessly integrated access to CollabNet VersionOne artifacts from any Eclipse-based IDE or the Tasktop Pro rich desktop client. Tasktop leverages the capabilities of CollabNet Desktop and Eclipse Mylyn, and provides additional integration for web browsing, calendars and email. Tasktop Pro also provides automated time tracking features for generating reports of time spent on each CollabNet VersionOne task. Supported CollabNet VersionOne products include CollabNet TeamForge, ScrumWorks Pro, Project Tracker, and IssueZilla.

Tasktop Pro provides the missing link between project management in CollabNet TeamForge and development activities performed in the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Tasktop seamlessly plugs into any Eclipse-based IDE and provides integrated access to CollabNet VersionOne, making it effortless for developers to keep CollabNet VersionOne up-to-date and providing unprecedented project status visibility for team leads. Tasktop is the enterprise version of the popular Eclipse Mylyn productivity framework and is also available as a standalone application for non-technical users.

Why CollabNet VersionOne and Tasktop?

Tasktop brings relevant CollabNet VersionOne issues or tasks into the Eclipse IDE, eliminating the need to constantly switch between the IDE, web browser, and change notifications in an email client. Tasktop's task-focused interface technology automatically tracks and shows only the source code, web pages and documents are most relevant for a given task. This dramatically reduces time spent repeatedly searching and scrolling to find the information needed to complete a task. When returning to a task after an interruption, a single click instantly restores the workspace and editors to their previous state. This enables developers to multitask and recover from interruptions with a single click, resulting in measurable productivity gains.

For the Enterprise

  • Enhance team communication, collaboration and decision traceability for distributed teams
  • Encourage adoption with Eclipse IDE integration to make it effortless to work with the CollabNet VersionOne platform
  • Enable developers to multitask and recover from interruptions resulting in measurable productivity gains

For Team Leads

  • Up-to-date task status and time tracking based on actuals provides accurate project tracking, awareness and visibility
  • Supports communications around code and the sharing of expertise in distributed teams with task-focused collaboration
  • Support for linking and importing artifacts in existing or legacy ALM systems eases adoption in complex environments

For Software Developers

  • Reduce time spent repeatedly searching and scrolling to find the information needed to complete a task
  • Automatically track and show only the source code, web pages and documents are most relevant for a given task
  • Ease the pain of completing time sheets with automatic time tracking

About Tasktop


Tasktop Technologies is the company behind the Eclipse Mylyn ALM integration framework and its revolutionary task-focused interface technology. The task-focused interface is proven to make developers more productive by showing only the relevant information for each task, dramatically reducing search time and facilitating multitasking. Tasktop Technologies also provides consulting, connector development services and training to the growing number of companies adopting the task-focused paradigm and tools.