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Simplify, automate and speed up the release management process with Clarive by CollabNet. End error-prone manual releases requiring exhausting amounts of IT heroics and endless troubleshooting. Clarive by CollabNet helps automate application delivery, providing speed and reliability throughout the entire delivery process.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

Automating release and change management is a critical aspect of achieving Continuous Delivery. Ensuring the rapid but safe deployment of releases to production requires many people and processes to be in-sync. Clarive by CollabNet provides bi-directional interfacing with key stakeholders that helps accrue critical business processes, meta data, and progressive tracking insight needed to ensure complete transparency required for Continuous Delivery.

Creating Agility in the Delivery Pipeline

To be completely agile in the delivery and release of applications, an organization must have visibility through end-to-end processes. When releases or changes are properly tracked, installed, and tested, they can be verified or rolled back quickly. Clarive by CollabNet provides the traceability required to ensure transparency throughout the delivery pipeline.

Creating Agility in the Delivery Pipeline
Environment synchronization

Environment synchronization

Keeping a production instance in sync with a testing environment is an issue that challenges even the most high-performing organizations. As organizations outgrow keeping environments in sync through common version control capabilities, more powerful and automated platforms for synchronizing environments are required. Clarive by CollabNet provides an efficient and robust synchronization platform to keep all environments in a homogeneous state with reduced efforts from Ops teams. Additionally, its version control integration shows who, when, and how systems were changed in real time, providing insight and visibility throughout the entire application release lifecycle.


CollabNet offers extensive release automation support packages for any integration, implementation, or troubleshooting questions you may have. Feel safe knowing that any of your release automation inquiries are only a phone call away from being answered.

Clarive by CollabNet is recognized as a “visionary” by Gartner because of its unparalleled focus on achieving quality with high efficiency. Custom filters and validation settings work in coordination with both quality control gates and a delivery scheduler to ensure the timely delivery of high quality applications. Clarive by CollabNet performs standalone functions while recording incremental snapshots of progress and every change made to the system. This level of traceability is rare in today’s application release automation platform.

Magic Quadrant for Application Release Automation

Magic Quadrant for Application Release Automation

Software has become an integral part in most enterprises to provide services in a fast, reliable, and scalable way . We have seen tremendous evolution in the way we develop, maintain, and manage software. At the same time, business continues to indicate that IT cannot deliver the right value in a timely, affordable, repeatable fashion. Read Gartner Analyst Report," Magic Quadrant for Application Release Automation" to see how the ARA market is shaping up.

The only release automation solution that supports the bimodal enterprise

The only release automation solution that supports the bimodal enterprise

  • Provides a clear view into application and service lifecycle management
  • Automates the release and deployment process at the granularity required to get the job done in a repeatable way
  • Extends and supports DevOps

Orchestrate releases across tools and countries

Learn how Clarive allows you to manage your end-to-end release management process in a non-disruptive way, by orchestrating current tools and identifying and fixing gaps. Clarive by CollabNet helps streamline the process of code testing and verification to provide accountability and reliable release cadence. Clarive by CollabNet coordinates team efforts while providing transparency and documentation of those processes. Processes are then standardized and automated to eliminate the need for IT heroics and trouble shooting. A powerful reporting and analytics dashboard allows for impact analysis and gauging planning complexity. These powerful functions allow companies to more easily build, release, and ship better software faster.


Orchestrate releases across tools and countries

Clarive Release Automation Features

Clarive by CollabNet provides more than configuration management, continuous delivery support, and environment monitoring. It’s a complete platform to manage releases from start to finish. The following are part of Clarive by CollabNet’s base-line features and benefits:


Clarive by CollabNet provides a centralized overview of the application lifecycle and delivery management. Clarive by CollabNet creates visualization of the most important release milestones, detects delays, and reports on downtime.


Remove doubt in the change and release process. Clarive by CollabNet documents the entire release process through strict security checks to identity changes in the production environment.

Phased Deployment

Clarive by CollabNet implements process flow at each stage of the application lifecycle, ensuring releases are filtered and maintain stability and consistency.

Configuration Management

Clarive by CollabNet provides a clear and comprehensive overview of configuration item and application relationships. This simplifies provisioning and improves time-to-market.


Maintain server and code repository synchronization, while ensuring that source-code matches the binary.


Clarive by CollabNet calendars allow for the scheduling of deployment on specific dates and time frames depicted by predefined variables of your choosing.


Easily create sign off or approval processes for standard and non-standard processes.


Clarive by CollabNet works in combination with your pre-existing tools. CollabNet makes integration seamless and helps you focus on integrating the release automation workflow into your existing processes and procedures.