DevOps Lifecycle Manager

DevOps Lifecycle Manager

Measure DevOps Value


Value Stream Management & DevOps


DevOps Pactices and Tools

The increased pace of competition to produce customer-facing value is accelerating the adoption of DevOps practices and tools. Many point tools offer ways to speed up software delivery. Only CollabNet’s DevOps Lifecycle Manager (DLM) provides the intelligence and management leverage needed to increase the pace and quality of development.

DevOps Dashboard

CollabNet DLM’s dashboard provides managers a single view of all the Value Streams in their portfolio – a view not only of the progress and health of each application, but also into the ways in which these applications contribute to value the organization delivers.

DevOps ROI

Value Stream Management provides the ability to truly understand the ROI an organization is getting from its DevOps adoption. Most critically, VSM offers real-time insights into where improvements can be made.

Value Stream Mapping with DevOps Lifecycle Manager


Measure Business Value

Measure business value throughout across a complex and distributed application pipeline. With DevOps Lifecycle Manager’s Value Stream Management, you are able to answer questions such as:

  • Are my teams delivering product faster and better?
  • Where did we save time with a new process or feature delivery?
  • Are the systems running efficiently?
  • How is my uptime related to customer satisfaction?
  • How are resources being allocated for new projects vs. reworking existing applications and services?

Monitor & Predict


Value Stream Management allows you to improve work flows and processes within the DevOps lifecycle by being able to monitor and predict:

  • Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR)
  • Cycle time
  • Work vs Re-Work
  • Resource utilization

Improve with KPIs


DevOps Lifecycle Manager’s Value Stream Management uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure, monitor and predict your current performance in order to improve your current processes. This not only leads to increasing the overall value of your DevOps investment but also enabling you to keep up with your business needs.

With DevOps Lifecycle Manager and Value Stream Management, you can measure and improve:

  • Team collaboration efficiency
  • Activities from plan-to-ops
  • Cycle time
  • Resource utilization