Simplified DevOps

Deliver Business Value Quickly

Digital transformation is inspiring organizations like yours. Applications are the key to delivering digital innovations. Are you delivering thousands of applications with multiple updates each day?

Want fast application development?
Means fast operations

Manage Operations Efficiently

You need to know what's happening, so you can find and fix problems. See within and across your applications.

Help your teams collaborate, so they can deliver higher quality applications fast.


Intelligent Management Layer for DevOps

DLM flow chart
  • Deliver high-quality applications to the market faster
  • Quickly find and resolve quality, performance, and availability issues
  • Collaborate more effectively across your development and operations teams

Major Capabilities, All in Real Time.

DevOps as a Flow


Deploy high-quality applications and fix problems quickly across all of your applications

DevOps as a Culture


Create repeatable processes across development and operations, and save time and money

DevOps as a Feedback Loop


Work quickly and efficiently with views to your tools, processes, and people across development and operations