Product Integrations - Outlook

Productivity Gains across the Team

CollabNet Desktop - Microsoft Outlook Edition is another way for your team members to access TeamForge right from Microsoft Outlook. The desktop provides a familiar interface, native document editing capabilities, and rich drag & drop capabilities. The business user and IT manager alike can access TeamForge right from Microsoft Outlook to view status or approve a pending task. The desktop provides a familiar interface, interactive access to planning folders and artifacts, analytics capabilities and integrations with email and calendar functionality.

Issue Tracking and Change Management: Search, view, create and modify tracker items and content.

Integration with email and Calendar: Create documents and artifacts based on email attachments; schedule team meetings based on project schedules and open items needing resolution.

Rich Analytics: Analyze project progress, and report artifacts and open items.

Continuous Integration: Access continuous build artifacts and build logs; locate documentation and binaries stored in document manager and file release system.

File and Project Browsing: Open, edit and save documents directly from your TeamForge project.

Why TeamForge and Outlook?

Query Charts - All Open Artifacts

Through the desktop Outlook integrations, Microsoft or JAVA or Mainframe developers; business users; development managers; marketing or customer service – all have a view defined by their role and in context of their responsibilities in delivering applications. The common denominator is email; the most prevalent form of business communications.

Save Time; Ease Management

  • Auto-configure related repositories for Apache Subversion® and project artifacts automatically when you add a project to your workspace
  • Choose from a long list of predefined queries, such as active tasks or tasks assigned to me, to get started quickly
  • No external SSH client needed. Everything the user needs for SSH access is included and automated

Improve Accuracy

  • Always see the latest information in your development environment with automatic project updates
  • Query results are automatically refreshed with the repository, so users see the latest changes to existing tasks as well as creation of new ones that meet their criteria
  • View development progress with graphical reports including a burndown chart

Visual Ease-of-Use

  • Utilize plan editor to see planning folder work items in a grid view and perform in-place edits of status, effort, and other artifact details
  • Rank artifacts through a simple drag-and-drop operation
  • Use graphical merge wizard for changes between any two repository paths for tree conflict resolution

About CollabNet VersionOne

CollabNet VersionOne

With the business and technology user in mind, these free integrations connect the CollabNet VersionOne platform with prevalent business, development and production systems, including HP, IBM, Microsoft, Eclipse, and JIRA. Certified Integrations allow your application stakeholders to stay in their preferred, specialized work environment and provide the data the team needs in context of their role.

Developed and certified by CollabNet VersionOne, these integrations are built on industry standard Web Service APIs or through TeamForge Connect framework to orchestrate the DevOps processes and data across multiple platforms, frameworks, locations and clouds. Certified Integrations are freely downloadable as either open source or shared source, and are supported through free Community Support as well as a range of commercial CollabNet VersionOne Services and Support Programs.

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