Product Integrations - Hudson/Jenkins

Agile-Ready Continuous Integration

CollabNet VersionOne provides the option of using open source Hudson or Jenkins as a Continuous Integration(CI) engine for authentication, permissions and automatic uploading of build results. The CollabNet VersionOne Certified Integration to TeamForge makes it possible for developers to automate the build and test aspects of the development process and bring transparency to projects. In line with Agile methods, continuous integration is a development practice where team members integrate their work frequently, leading to multiple integrations daily and the early detection and removal of bugs.

Reduced Risk: Ease and stabilize the process of creating software builds. Find and fix problems sooner, faster and easier.

Software build automation: Launch the build process of a software artifact at the push of a button, on a predefined schedule, or in response to a specified event.

Continuous Verification: Verify builds as new or modified source code is checked in to reduce the need for developers to check with each other on interdependent components.

Post-Build Automation: Automate additional tasks, such as generating documentation, packaging the software, and deploying the artifacts to a running environment or to a software repository. Artifacts can be quickly made available to users.

Why TeamForge and Hudson/Jenkins?

TeamForge Build and Test integrates with the Hudson community efforts to provide users with the broadest set of continuous integration extensions for distributed agile teams. CollabNet TeamForge provides enhanced support for Agile development with Hudson/Jenkins continuous integration. The Hudson/Jenkins plug-in increases the speed and flexibility of software development, enabling developers to share build results as part of their workflow. The combined continuous integration solution provides executives, business managers, software developers and architects a better sense of the development progress and code quality of projects throughout the development lifecycle.

Streamline Development Processes

  • Run tests on every commit - not overnight
  • Easily track dependency between projects; monitor build results by RSS or e-mail for real-time notifications on failures
  • Know sooner - no late feedback on regression

Increase Productivity

  • Combine ease-of-configuration with high-end features, such as distributed builds
  • Distribute build/test loads to multiple computers such as idle developer workstations
  • Monitor executions of repeated jobs, such as building a software project or schedules jobs (run by cron)

Optimize Code Quality

  • Eliminate issues with team members committing code that breaks the build and fails unit tests
  • Make it easy for developers to integrate changes to the project, and for team members to obtain a fresh build
  • Find and remove bugs earlier in process -- more easily. Stop bugs from accumulating

About CollabNet VersionOne

CollabNet VersionOne

With the business and technology user in mind, these free integrations connect the CollabNet VersionOne platform with prevalent business, development and production systems, including HP, IBM, Microsoft, Eclipse, and JIRA. Certified Integrations allow your application stakeholders to stay in their preferred, specialized work environment and provide the data the team needs in context of their role.

Developed and certified by CollabNet VersionOne, these integrations are built on industry standard Web Service APIs or through TeamForge Connect framework to orchestrate the DevOps processes and data across multiple platforms, frameworks, locations and clouds. Certified Integrations are freely downloadable as either open source or shared source, and are supported through free Community Support as well as a range of commercial CollabNet VersionOne Services and Support Programs.

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