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Inspired by CollabNet VersionOne's work with customers, CollabNet Labs is a free program for our TeamForge® customers to gain access to practical integration and customization tools created by our Professional Services staff. Labs integrations are formally tested to meet the Quality Assurance service levels of our own CloudForge hosting platform and to confirm compatibility to new TeamForge® releases. Only verified customers have access to CollabNet Labs projects that include code samples, snippets, documentation, forums, update alerts and more.

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Support and Services for these tools are available from the CollabNet VersionOne Professional Services team who can guide you through implementation, migration, adoption and management of TeamForge®. Purchase a CollabNet Labs Subscription Service to gain even greater access to restricted tools and to our Professional Services team.

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Project News Feed

  • Provides an Atom (RSS) feed of Project news
  • Only supports public TeamForge® projects

Remove License Selector

  • Simplify new user experience
  • Remove license drop down selection on registration screen

External Authentication

  • Convenience add-on for TeamForge®
  • Simplify the process of enabling external authentication services


Create Users

  • Mass user creation script
  • Create users on any TeamForge® host that can be reached from Linux server or workstation

About Add-ons

  • Extend Help window
  • List additional packages installed with this generic customization installer

Developer Productivity

TeamForge® Perl SDK

  • Official TeamForge® SDK for Perl Developers
  • Easily develop scripts and tools to interact with a TeamForge® server
  • Samples and manual included

Collapse Tracker Navigation

  • Allow users to collapse left side navigation box
  • Get more screen real estate in artifact list view

JSGantt for Tasks

  • Add-on for TeamForge®
  • Implement JSGannt tool for Task management

Association Viewer

  • Association visualizer for TeamForge®
  • Adds a 'visualize' button to all association tabs


Section 508

  • Skip Navigation Add-on for TeamForge®
  • Meet requirements of Electronic & Information Technology Accessibility Standards (Section 508)

Command Line Interface

  • Robust tool to interact with multiple CTF sites
  • Quick and easy access to all API methods
  • Supports Linux RPMs for 32 and 64 bit, Mac OSX, Windows

Customization Installer

  • Create and install add-ons
  • For TeamForge® servers
  • Now available in both 32 and 64 bit versions

Wiki Table of Contents

  • Add-on to CSFE 5.1 and 5.2
  • Provides a Wiki Table of Contents feature to native wiki
  • Use is as simple as adding a double percent

jquery Update

  • Update for jquery 1.6.2
  • JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, Ajax interaction