TeamForge® Integrations with EventQ

TeamForge® integrates with the majority of applications through its EventQ platform. With many organizations opting to allow their development teams the freedom to choose their own application stacks, true traceability is sacrificed across toolchains. However, EventQ reinstates toolchain visibility by dynamically building relationships between heterogeneous applications. While most of our competitors use an inferior sync model for application communication; EventQ is a state of the art integration platform that associates related objects from disparate tools with minimal user involvement, creating traceability across best-of-breed toolchains. TeamForge® offers developers the flexibility to create new integrations themselves if they do not exist already.

Automated End-to-end Traceability

While traceability is typically restricted to monolithic ALM suites, TeamForge® integrates with the tools your developers prefer providing traceability across a heterogeneous toolchain. Integrating tools through TeamForge® provides your team with instant context concerning the related objects and activities across the lifecycle toolchain. Explore related activities using drill down functionality that makes root cause analysis (RCA) a simple matter of tracing problematic events back to their sources. Furthermore, organizations that require robust auditability will have full access to the who, what, when and why of every action across the integrated application stack. This level of transparency and automation is unmatched in the world of application lifecycle management.

Freedom of Tooling Choice

No other system provides end-to-end traceability across such a wide variety of tools from different vendors. Integrate tools across a wide variety of development activities, including: issue tracking, source code versioning, code review, continuous integration, test automation, binary artifact storage, ARA/deployment, and much more. Need new integrations? We are here to help, or roll up your selves and create your own {custom integrations: Link to API Docs on integration}, using the powerful EventQ engine.