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Bring Agility to Development Management

The Certified Integration between HP Quality Center software and the CollabNet TeamForge platform creates a bi-directional synchronization of requirements, development and test artifacts to automate interdependent processes.

This combined solution enables business analysts, project managers, developers and QA team members, each working exclusively within their tool of choice, to improve visibility, communication and collaboration among teams – ultimately improving the quality and success of their software project.The TeamForge Connect Framework provides real-time synchronization between the products, associating requirements, defects, tasks, and other development artifacts directly with source code.

Dramatically Improved Business Agility: Automated handoffs between stakeholders shortens the development and testing cycles helps IT to deliver bug-free software on time.

Unparalleled Visibility and Traceability: Improved accountability with the ability to track and maintain the relationships between requirements, source code, tests and defects.

Scalable Stakeholder Collaboration: Flexible architecture improves collaboration among globally distributed teams–project managers, business analysts, developers, ScrumMasters, product owners and testers.

Why TeamForge and HP Quality Center?

CollabNet TeamForge to HP Quality Center

Working together, HP and CollabNet VersionOne offer a true end-to-end ALM solution that helps companies transform to become more competitive and better positioned respond to change. The integration offers efficiency improvements that translate to higher quality software delivered at a faster velocity. Enterprise-wide, stakeholders can stay in their specialized environments and still take advantage of improved processes. The integration with TeamForge platform includes HP Quality Center's Requirements, Defects, and Test Management Modules. Through integrated defect prevention, complete quality planning, change impact analysis, issue tracking and real-time visibility into project status and progress, stakeholders can intelligently and pro-actively manage the enterprise and project release process and make timely and informed release decisions.


Dramatically Improved Business Agility

  • Automate handoffs and integration from the business to development to quality assurance
  • Empower management at all levels to respond quickly and adapt to changing business requirements
  • Gain an iterative and integrated approach to deliver software projects at a competitive pace

Unparalleled Visibility and Traceability

  • Mitigate risk with end-to-end accountability from requirements to release
  • Enable stakeholders to perform accurate estimation and adjust release schedules
  • Easily trace requirements with source code; source code to defects; defects to test cases and so on

Scalable Stakeholder Collaboration

  • Replace fractured tools and data that are costly to maintain and isolate teams and projects
  • Integrated tools, a shared repository and a culture of collaboration foster the innovation
  • Scale from the workgroup to the enterprise and link globally distributed teams

About CollabNet VersionOne

CollabNet VersionOne

With the business and technology user in mind, these free integrations connect the CollabNet VersionOne platform with prevalent business, development and production systems, including HP, IBM, Microsoft, Eclipse, and JIRA. Certified Integrations allow your application stakeholders to stay in their preferred, specialized work environment and provide the data the team needs in context of their role.

Developed and certified by CollabNet VersionOne, these integrations are built on industry standard Web Service APIs or through TeamForge Connect framework to orchestrate the DevOps processes and data across multiple platforms, frameworks, locations and clouds. Certified Integrations are freely downloadable as either open source or shared source, and are supported through free Community Support as well as a range of commercial CollabNet VersionOne Services and Support Programs.

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