Subversion Edge

Central Management

Central Management

Manage access centrally for secure workflow compliance and code governance

Device Independence

Device Independence

View repository content from any device securely

Unlimited Repositories

Unlimited Repositories

Create and manage any number of Subversion repositories

Data Reliability

Data Reliability

Backup repositories automatically based on schedules and job classes

Start today. It's Easy.

Start today

The Subversion Edge installer includes all you need to get started and is controlled through a web-based interface. Wizards take you through the installation on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Solaris. Get instant notification of the software stack's latest fixes or updates and perform push-button Subversion release upgrades.

Simplify Subversion and Gain Productivity

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Central Management

Central Management

Unlimited Repositories

Unlimited Repositories


Compliance and IT Policy Enforcement

TF Integration

TeamForge® Integration

Git Integration

Git Integration


Robust RBAC


Dynamic Server Management



Integrate with Git and TeamForge®

Integrate with Git

Subversion Edge includes pre-built integrations with Git and TeamForge® to help you unlock more of the benefits of agile development and gain transparency, control, and scalability. Subversion Edge integrations help organizations realize all the benefits of agile development without losing transparency, control, and scalability.

Subversion Edge + Expert Support

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120 cases/year

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PLATINUM Git Support



Unlimited cases

Live support 24x7

Subversion Edge + TeamForge®

Empower teams, ensure compliance, governance, and security


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Subversion Role Based Access Control (RBAC)


Get a uniquely robust role-based access control function. Manage, create, and delete users via an intuitive interface. Use the pre-defined list of project roles to assign access to different sets of users easily. Seamlessly integrate user authentication and access to differentiate administration, account management, or development roles. Delegate responsibilities to multiple users at the same time.

Configure the Subversion server to support LDAP authentication of your code and users to adhere to corporate IT policies. Model your organization's roles, governance, and security policies to enable code access from the server to file level across multiple organizations, locations, users and repositories.

Server Management and Logging

Mgmt and Logging

Subversion Edge provides a dynamic server management and logging capability that allows for access to vital server statistics and data logs. Start or stop servers at the push of a button. Monitor disk space and network utilization for capacity and infrastructure planning, and backup management.

Subversion Edge API


Subversion Edge contains a powerful set of REST APIs. Use Subversion Edge to create essential SVN activities, such as repository creation, pre-installation of hook scripts, backup policies, user management and other automation. Facilitate global collaboration around your Subversion source code with pre-packaged API enablement of automated emails and alerts.

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