Red Gate Software Accelerates Enterprise Agility

Red Gate Software's journey to Enterprise Agility is being accelerated with the use of CollabNet tools and services. In 2008 Red Gate was feeling the pressure to innovate, as they accelerated past the frantic start‐up phase experienced by many software companies into a more mature, steady state of a stable and profitable enterprise technology company. As they reached this new plateau, Red Gate management came to the realization that their development practices just could not scale. Under the leadership of Mark Wightman, Red Gate’s head of development, the company began a deliberate adoption of Agile Scrum. In Mark’s words, “The Scrum framework and ScrumWorks Pro have given us a shared framework and vocabulary. The transparency we now have improves productivity, surfaces impediments early in the cycle, and enhances collaborative communication. It provides us with a healthy approach to planning, such that we don’t plan too much or too little.”

Case Study

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