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Are you looking for a way to make sure you succeed with Scrum?

If so, you know that your team needs to fully understand and embrace it. CollabNet VersionOne offers a unique approach to private and group Agile training. This approach grows from the belief that successful Agile and Scrum teams start from a strong foundation and then grow toward mastery, so we combine the best of our agile training and coaching.

Work with the Leader

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CollabNet VersionOne has trained thousands and thousands of software professionals in Agile – more than anyone – and we have engaged with hundreds of clients to help them adopt Agile through private training and coaching. So you can be sure that we know the steps to make you successful.

Start with World-class Content

Start with world-class content

There are three main elements to the CollabNet VersionOne approach.

First, we start from the very best content, using the material from our Certified Scrum Master and Certified Product Owner classes as the basis for our private courses. We combine exercises, self-discovery and group work to provide a learning environment that is proven to be effective.

Customized for You

Customized for you

Second, your situation is unique. You have your own strengths and weaknesses, your own level of maturity with Agile, and your own organizational and business constraints. We’ll work with you to modify the material to meet your needs.

We customize both the course topics – if you already do great retrospectives, we can cover other things – and the content – our trainers and coaches have a broad range of specialties and industry knowledge, so they can satisfy your educational requirements.

Partner with Us to Optimize Over Time

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Third, we create an ongoing relationship between your teams and your trainer/coach. Mastering Scrum is an on-going process and you can speed your success and reduce your risk with the help of an experienced mentor.

Regardless of whether you engage with us primarily for agile training or for coaching, we are always available for discussions, questions and ad-hoc coaching. And you can always engage with us for extended custom or packaged coaching.

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