Product Owner Certification

Scrum is a simple empirically-based framework that has wide ranging implications. Key to the success of Scrum is the role of the Product Owner. The Product Owner is responsible for a project’s Return on Investment (ROI), guiding the Scrum team, and representing Customers as well as Business and Development staff. Strong Product Ownership is key to successful Scrum transformations.

Learn the essentials of working as a Scrum Alliance Certified Product Owner (CSPO) in this two-day class. CollabNet VersionOne’s CSPO equips participants with the knowledge of Scrum principles and practices necessary to succeed in this new paradigm. Participants can expect to learn how to establish and maintain a backlog and write stories with clear acceptance criteria. We will also discuss real-world organizational challenges such as managing distributed teams, managing large or multiple projects, release planning and metrics.

Learn the art of managing distributed teams, large or multiple projects, release planning
and metrics. Join the two-day class to know what it takes to succeed in this paradigm.