ScrumMaster Certification: CSM+

The Certified ScrumMaster course focuses on the primary principles and practices of Scrum through a combination of instruction and exercises. In this course, participants will apply the Scrum framework to build a new product. Participants will learn what it feels like to be on a Scrum team – experiencing many of the challenges they are likely to face – while being coached by one of the most accomplished Scrum trainers in the business. This "learning by doing" style of instruction demands an open mind and active participation.

CollabNet VersionOne realizes that those responsible for implementing Agile practices at an organization may require more than just the basic knowledge of Scrum provided in the standard 2 day CSM course. This new 3 day CSM+ workshop adds to the core fundamentals of Scrum with additional Agile topics like eXtreme Progamming (XP), Kanban, and Lean Software Development – the essential Agile toolkit beyond Scrum.

Transform yourself with this advanced level, team building course.
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