Agile for Executives

Detailed Course Guide

Introduction to Agile

  • Explore the value of agile
  • Review the history of agile
  • Learn agile principles
  • Inspect various agile methodologies
  • Understand the roles on an agile team

Agile Management Practices

  • Build strategic plans the agile way
  • Improve visibility with agile reporting
  • Manage effectively with short iterations
  • Align employee priorities with business goals
  • Increase accountability via the agile team
  • Ship releases on time with more features
  • Reduce cost via agile management practices

Agile Leadership

  • Set the right expectations for your organization
  • Empower your team
  • Break through impediments
  • Build agility into decision making

Course Information

Who Should Attend: Executives, leaders & managers

Duration: 2 Days: 1-1/2 Days Preparation, 1/2 Day Session

Where: Private

  • A half day private onsite for up to 25 attendees (minimum 3 days onsite)