Agile Testing

Detailed Course Guide

Introduction to Agile

  • Review the history of agile
  • Learn agile principles
  • Inspect various agile methodologies

Traditional Test Management

  • Compare agile and traditional definitions of success
  • Analyze agile and traditional testing practices
  • Explore differences between agile and traditional roles

Agile Testing

  • Review the ten principles of agile testing
  • Apply agile testing techniques
  • Understand who the customer is
  • Define what is done
  • Build acceptance tests as done criteria
  • Enable continuous testing
  • Extract tests from stories

Transitioning To Agile Testing

  • Learn best practices for transitioning
  • Explore real life success stories
  • Prepare for the first iteration

Course Information

Who Should Attend: Current & future QA/testers and developers

Duration: Two Days

Where: Private

  • A two day private onsite for up to 25 attendees (minimum 3 days onsite)