Scrum Team Kickstarter with VersionOne

Detailed Course Guide

Following are the topics covered:

  • Introduction to Agile – Includes learning what agile is, why and how it came about, and the benefits of adopting agile practices.
  • Scrum Simulation – There is no better way to learn than by doing and the best way to learn the Scrum Framework is to apply it.
  • Scrum Framework Overview – Following the simulation experience, students next understand the framework including the Roles, Ceremonies, and Artifacts.
  • VersionOne Foundations – Armed with the knowledge of agile and Scrum, participants then see how VersionOne enables the Scrum Framework and empowers the team to leverage agile practices.  Within the VersionOne Foundations session, students learn how to:
    • Get help within VersionOne
    • Use the VersionOne grid, including how to filter, sort and customize the view
    • Add, delete and rank backlog items in grid view
    • Collaborate with team members using the Conversations, Subscriptions and TeamRoom features
    • Leverage the Storyboard, Taskboard and Testboard functionality
    • Learn team member related reporting that is part of the Scrum Framework and reenforces agile practices

Course Information

Who Should Attend: Team members, Developers, Testers, Project Leads, Development Managers, lead Developers & anyone who is or will be on a Scrum team

Duration: One Day

Where: Private

  • A one day private onsite for up to 25 attendees (minimum 3 days onsite)