Subversion Applied Workshop

The purpose of this service is to help you optimize your use of Subversion. In this service, we will help you formulate your version control and configuration management processes, and help you establish how best to utilize Subversion in those processes. During the workshop, we will map your use cases and software development processes onto Subversion best practices. At the end of the Workshop, we will provide a report summarizing the processes and best practices customized to your ongoing use of Subversion.

Topics include

  • Repository layout
  • Branching and merging
  • Promotion model
  • Tagging
  • Access control
  • Build and release management
  • Workspace management
  • Application/project support
  • Non-developer use of repositories


This four day engagement begins with a two day onsite workshop with up to (5) architects, configuration managers, and senior software engineers. The remaining two days are performed offsite to produce the resulting best practices report.

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Duration: 4 days (2 days onsite, 2 days offsite)
Price: $10,000
Deliverable: Subversion best practices report

Configuration Managers
and any other user of Subversion