Subversion for Configuration Managers

Subversion for Configuration Managers covers the operational aspects of doing configuration management with Subversion as well as provides an overview of the most common best practices used with Subversion for configuration management. It is intended to equip configuration managers with practical information for supporting their processes. It commonly follows the CollabNet Subversion Applied Workshop as means of communicating general best practices to those called on to implement the specific processes defined for that particular enterprise during the Workshop.

Topics Include:

Essential Concepts

  • What is software configuration management?
  • How to create repositories, branches and tags
  • How to implement authorization
  • How to implement hooks
  • How to implement configuration options

Best Practices

  • Repository layout
  • General branching principles
  • Branching strategies
  • Nuances to branching models
  • Promotion models
  • Managing roles and permissions


Duration: 8 hours
Onsite1: $8,000
Class Size: Up to 5 attendees

Configuration Managers

1 Additional attendees: $800/attendee, with max of 8 attendees