Subversion for Developers Train the Trainer – Enterprise

Subversion for Developers Train the Trainer - Enterprise is designed for large organizations with a dedicated training staff that wants to learn how to conduct the Subversion for Developers - Enterprise training for their enterprise. The entire Subversion for Developers - Enterprise curriculum is covered, including advanced enterprise-level features introduced since version 1.4 like merge tracking and change lists with a specific focus on how the material is delivered in a classroom environment.

Topics Include:

  • Global revisioning
  • Working copy
  • Standard work cycle
  • Mixed revisions
  • Examine history
  • Properties
  • Branches and tags
  • Merging changes
  • Branch management
  • Merging and merge tracking
  • Interactive conflict resolution
  • Working copy management
  • Sparse checkouts
  • Changelists
  • Peg revisions
  • Externals


Duration: 24 hours
Onsite1: $24,000
Class Size: Up to 5 attendees

Technical Trainers

1 Additional attendees: $1200/attendee, with max of 8 attendees