TeamForge Implementation Workshop

Discuss and Design

The goal of the TeamForge Implementation Workshop is to accelerate the implementation and adoption of TeamForge leveraging a CollabNet Technical Consultant with deep expertise in software development best practices and TeamForge deployment.

Interviews are conducted to identify the current state (organization, environment and processes), goals, and requirements of the adopting organization. The TeamForge instance is then configured at both the site and project levels based on the results of the interviews. The focus of the project level configurations is setting up one or two project templates that help codify the information gathered and give new teams a preset starting point when starting a new project.

A follow up report is delivered after the workshop that details the configurations that were done and makes recommendations for additional activities that couldn’t be done in the tight 3-day timeframe of a typical TeamForge Implementation Workshop.

Specific Features Covered

  • Permissions, Roles, and RBAC
  • User Groups
  • Best practices for project creation & setup
  • Project administration
  • Tracker Setup
    • Types, fields, workflows
  • Planning Folders
  • Documents
  • Source Code
    • SVN & Git
  • Discussions
  • Wikis
  • File Releases
  • Reports
  • Project Templates
  • Site-level configurations
  • Site-wide Roles
  • Branding
  • TeamForge Command-Line Interface (CLI)
  • Data Migrations
  • Integration
  • Training
  • Support

To Sign Up

Who should attend: Application Administrators and other Champions leading product implementation and deployment

Duration: Varies with organizational size and complexity; 3 to 5 days is typical

Where: Onsite at your location

Please contact us if you have any questions or to get started.