VersionOne Foundations

Learn How to

  • Create and manage backlog items
  • Navigate your backlog according to your preferences
  • Search within VersionOne for efficient project visibility
  • Get online help in VersionOne and interact with the VersionOne user community
  • Improve your individual and team productivity and agility
  • Create a focused work area to encourage team collaboration
  • Converse with your team and notify one another of key events/decisions
  • Build flexibility and quick access to team level data via core reports
  • Easily see progress of stories, tasks and tests and adapt where needed
  • Inspect and adapt as you explore reports and dashboards

Specific Features Covered

  • Help
  • Grid filtering, sorting, and customization
  • Adding, deleting, and ranking items in views
  • Navigation shortcuts
  • Conversations
  • Subscriptions
  • TeamRooms
  • Storyboard
  • Taskboard
  • Testboard
  • Visualizations (Ultimate Edition)

To Take this Course

Who should attend: Team members with a basic understanding of agile who are ready to get started using VersionOne. All new users will see immediate value with this prerequisite course for the role based course series.

Duration: 4 Hours

Where: Private, Public and Education Subscription

  • Private: A half day private onsite or web-based for up to 25 attendees (minimum 3 days onsite)
  • Education Subscription: Current education subscription members may register through our learning portal.
    To learn more about this unlimited access program click here.
  • Public: Ready to register now? View our public course schedule below

Please contact us if you have any questions or to get started. We look forward to supporting your training needs.


Course Schedule

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