VersionOne Foundations

Learn the basics of navigating, collaborating, and performing activities on a daily basis with VersionOne. Start with this foundational course to help you master the VersionOne enterprise agile platform. Use your own demo project and consultant-guided, hands-on exercises to manage and track your backlog and collaborate with your team. This class comes with a free, one-month subscription to access your VersionOne training system, so your mastery of VersionOne will continue.

Learn how to

  • Create and manage backlog items
  • Navigate your backlog according to your preferences
  • Search within VersionOne for efficient project visibility
  • Get online help in VersionOne and interact with the VersionOne user community
  • Improve your individual and team productivity and agility
  • Create a focused work area to encourage team collaboration
  • Converse with your team and notify one another of key events/decisions
  • Build flexibility and quick access to team level data via core reports
  • Easily see progress of stories, tasks and tests and adapt where needed
  • Inspect and adapt as you explore reports and dashboards

Specific features covered

  • Help
  • Grid filtering, sorting, and customization
  • Adding, deleting, and ranking items in views
  • Navigation shortcuts
  • Conversations
  • Subscriptions
  • TeamRooms
  • Storyboard
  • Taskboard
  • Testboard
  • Visualizations (Ultimate Edition)

To take this course

Schedule a half-day private course for your team of up to 25 members, taught onsite at your location. Three day minimum for onsite training.

Schedule a private four-hour, web-based remote course with a VersionOne consultant working directly with your group of up to 25 members.

Course Schedule

Register below for a public remote class led by a VersionOne consultant. Courses are four hours long. Each course is $149/student.

7/15 – 12pm ET


Course Schedule

7/24 – 9am ET