Certified Agile Trainer
Andy Krupit
SAFe Agilist, CSM, CSPO

Andy has been focused on supporting autonomous, agile teams to iteratively produce innovative products, and foster an environment of continuous improvement thru the use of agile practices and lean principles for more than a decade.

Full Bio

Prior to VersionOne, Andy worked as the Manger of Agile Development at CareerBuilder where deployments to production happened daily. During this time, Andy helped create more discipline in the approach to delivery, coaching teams to set reliable customer expectations, and ensure they are working on the right things. Along with coaching, Andy is passionate about learning, creating and engaging with others in the agile community, speaking at various agile conferences and companies sharing experiences. Andy is married, a father of 3 daughters (and 3 dogs), and an avid runner. In addition to the heavy influences from the likes of Mary and Tom Poppendieck, he also credits his experience, passion and commitment while training for races to his success with helping create a more agile organization, where a lot of parallels can be found. In his personal time, Andy enjoys spending time at the ball fields with his girls, being active outdoors with the family.

Favorite Quote

"If you don't know where you are going, it's easy to iteratively not get there."
– David Hussman

Areas of Expertise

Lean practices, Agile Metrics, Software Development, Team Delivery

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