Director of Version Control Services

Bob Jenkins

Bob Jenkins currently resides in Atlanta, GA and brings over 25 years of configuration management, version control and application development experience to his role as Director of Version Control Services at CollabNet VersionOne.

Full Bio

During his 12 years at CollabNet VersionOne, Bob has worked as a sales engineer, principal collaboration consultant, senior product marking manager, and currently, as Director of Version Control Services—defining CollabNet VersionOne’s consulting services and training offerings for both Subversion and Git.

In addition to delivering Git and Subversion training and consulting, Bob develops both the developer and configuration management training materials as well the recordings for the associated videos for our Web-based-training offerings.

Bob has trained over 1,000 users around the globe on how to most effectively utilize Subversion and more than 300 on how to best utilize Git. He has conducted well over 200 version control workshops focused on how an enterprise can establish a process to meet their requirements while using the best practices of their selected version control tool.

Bob also helps determine how CollabNet VersionOne will contribute its engineering resources to the associated open source projects based on his knowledge and interaction with enterprise customers. He has managed enhancements to Subversion financed by CollabNet VersionOne customers while continuing to contribute to CollabNet VersionOne webinars sharing his technical knowledge in the use of Subversion and Git.


“Bob did great. The workshop gave us a lot of insight into the issues our teams will have managing their source.”
— Senior Systems Engineer, Large Retail Chainr

“Bob is a good instructor. Very personable, relaxed.”
— Systems Analyst, Large Retail Chain

“Bob Jenkins is an excellent instructor, clear, answered all questions and knows the product very well.”
— BA/Developer, Large Retail Chain

“I‘ve been using Git for 2 years and I still got a lot out of this course.”
— Senior Developer, Semiconductor Chip Manufacturer

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