Certified Scrum Trainer

Bonsy Yelsangi, CST

Bonsy Yelsangi is a Certified Scrum Trainer and an Agile Coach. She has worked in industries including media, remote managed services, luxury real estate, aviation, automotive and private wealth management.

Bonsy’s IT background includes roles as QA Manager, Scrum Master and Agile Coach for waterfall and Agile teams.

Full Bio

Throughout her career, she has trained and coached a wide range of development teams, business departments, project managers and senior executives in Agile methodologies, serving as mentor, coach, facilitator, trainer, and change agent to guide companies through their Agile transformations.

Bonsy is devoted to creating energized and excited teams that delight their customers and inspire others. She loves helping teams and organizations discover the Scrum/Kanban /Lean mash-ups that enable focused, flexible, and fast delivery of products. Bonsy provides Agile-focused training and coaching to companies ranging from late-stage startups to large corporations, she is adept in administering all aspects of project management, as well as providing authentic leadership to create effective teams.

Bonsy’s speaking engagements focus on bridging the gap between traditional Project Management and Agile Project Management. Her goal is to help others understand how to get the best return from any project by achieving higher levels of software quality, increased customer satisfaction, and cohesive teams that enjoy increased productivity.

She also created and led the Scrum training curriculum for senior executives to larger organizations. Bonsy is a persuasive and highly passionate communicator and public speaker. As an assertive thought-leader she brought many projects and product development efforts back on track. She initiated and successfully implemented organizational and cultural change initiatives at both companywide and team level in multicultural environments.

Bonsy educates all levels of the organization from working with executives and leaders through to developers, PMs, BAs and others working on project delivery.

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