Certified Agile Trainer
Dave Gunther
SAFe Program Consultant, CSM, CSPO, CSP, BS

Dave has more than 25 years of product delivery experience including more than 10 years influencing large organizational agile transformations while scaling agile principles, practices and teams. Dave has worked with over 40 large organizations as a trusted advisor; coaching, training and improving agile delivery while optimizing supporting platforms, configurations and usage patterns to enable business agility.

Full Bio

Dave encourages large organizations to scale agile without sacrificing core agile values and principles. He is passionate about enabling people to be people worth being and doing something worth doing, sustainably and creatively.

With over 25 years of experience across industry segments, Dave has engaged with clients such as; Jaguar Land Rover, Alaska Airlines, Toshiba GCS, CapitalOne, USPS, Becton Dickenson, Xerox, Dell, and Macy’s.com. From software product development to mission critical system development, Dave has provided momentum for bigger organizations to accelerate agile adoption requiring a scaled approach for delivering larger solutions with many teams that include components in addition to software. As an agile platform consultant, Dave has enabled over 40 organizations by aligning supporting platform configurations, enterprise organization structure, and agile methods to optimize value delivery framed by continuous improvement.

Dave is pragmatic about agile and lean methods and is passionate about insuring that people are a priority. When not supporting agile initiatives, Dave enjoys spending time with family, outdoor activities, music festivals, ukulele, and gardening.

Favorite Quote

"Keep it simple." - Unknown

Areas of Expertise

Agile delivery management, platforms, methodologies, coaching, training, organizational transformations, user experience, value stream management & agile planning.

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