Certified Agile Trainer
Elida Parish

Elida is an innovative, customer focused, result oriented coach who is passionate about enabling high performance, in small to large complex cross-functional teams in a sustainable and genuinely fun environment.

Full Bio

With over 14 years of combined experience in Technology, Elida has led the delivery of both modern and legacy enterprise systems, with roles as a Senior Systems Developer, Senior Systems Engineer and Project Manager utilizing Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid methodologies. As an Agile Coach she differentiates in the ability to intuitively perceive and resolve team and project issues, risks and impediments, ensure the application of appropriate inspect/adapt feedback loops, and manage complex relationships to nuance the business/technology divide. At BNSF Railway, Elida led the Agile Transformation efforts to establish a thriving agile practice. As a former VersionOne customer, she brings a pragmatic hands-on approach to Agile adoption. Outside of work, Elida enjoys family time, cycling, hiking, and a good book on the balcony of a cruise ship. Elida is also a musician with solo albums to her credit.

Favorite Quote

"You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it"
- Dr. Wayne Dyer

Areas of Expertise

Enterprise lean agile transformation, team building, coaching and facilitation, continuous improvement

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