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Hubert Smits

Hubert Smits is an innovative, assertive, and goal-oriented Agile consultant, coach, and Certified Scrum Trainer with a proven track record of successfully implementing Agile transformation efforts at an enterprise scale. His recent experiences include a replacing multi-year waterfall processes with iterative product development cycles as well as coaching more than 3,000 participants in product development teams moved into their Scrum roles and processes during their transition.

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Mr. Smits has a track record of working with globally distributed teams, contracting with and coaching teams in India, Argentina, Israel, and Europe. Along with a keen sense of business acumen, he is an exceptional communicator offering strong negotiation, problem resolution, and team-building skills. Mr. Smits enjoys leveraging Agile principles and practices to mobilize teams, establish focus, promote positive organizational change, enhance performance, improve quality, and reduce team turnover. He specializes in working with large product development efforts in organizations that require a gradual organization-wide move to Agile. Mr. Smits is confident in restructuring software development lifecycles, interacting with IT parties, and managing the impact of organizational change on finance, product management, marketing, and sales.

In addition to his hands-on client involvement and public training Scrum courses, he is a frequent speaker at Agile events and has published articles on planning with distributed teams as well as Agile planning and tracking. His customers and successes include companies such as Oracle, Avaya, BMC Software, AOL, Fender, General Electric Energy, Amdocs, MySpace, and Compete.

“I really enjoyed the course. Hubert is an outstanding instructor.”

“A very good foundation delivered by an even better trainer.”
— Liliana Frecautanu

“The trainer was very friendly, answered every question thrown at him and was clearly very knowledgeable about the subject.”
— Anonymous

“The instructor gave many examples of real world scenarios and kept the class interesting. I also liked the fact that audience concerns were clearly addressed in the class.”
— Anonymous

“The real world examples added a lot of value to the class. Having attendees share their experiences made the class interesting.”
— Anonymous

“He has solid concepts. Great ideas on how to resolve difficult and ambiguous scenarios. Good hands on experience with scrum [and] industry experience.”
— Anonymous

“Hubert is the perfect person to teach this course. He has the knowledge, experience and the background to be an effective Scrum Instructor. Very insightful perspective into Scrum and the accompanying process eco-system.”
— Anonymous

“I truly appreciated Hubert's experience with the subject since he was able to connect the dry, theoretical constructs, to real life situations and examples that truly expanded on the subject in a relatively simple yet insightful manner.”
— Anonymous

“I feel that this course has definitely broadened and deepened my grasp of Scrum, and given me a much better chance of succeeding with it.”
— Anonymous

“Hubert Smits has an engaging and dynamic presentation style, and he supported various topics in the course material with some useful in-class exercises.”
— Anonymous

“Great experience, knowledgeable and experienced instructor who moved at a good pace and kept the class engaged.”
— Anonymous

“I wanted to see what Scrum was all about since it has become such a widely accepted methodology. I expected to be terribly bored but the opposite was true. I saw that not only did I naturally manage using Scrum practices, but the teacher, Hubert Smits, was absolutely engaging and kept my interest the entire time … He taught at the perfect pace, used excellent real-world cases, and was very engaging and a fun person to learn from. Top-notch. I've degrees in both Economics and Music and have had many professors and teachers over the years. Hubert is superb.”
— Ken Mundy

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