Certified Scrum Trainer

Jeff Lopez-Stuit

Jeff Lopez-Stuit is a Certified Enterprise Coach, one of less than 100 people in the world to receive this designation. For the past nine years, he's helped individuals and organizations all over the world to improve their ability to improve through the use of Agile practices. He guides organizations to exploit the fundamentals of Agile to leave behind the inadequate structures of the past, and establish a culture that enables continuous delivery of astonishing value to their customers.

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“It was amazing to see how Jeff brought his wealth of global experience to create new innovative means of causing transformation at enterprise level. He is an awesome coach and it's a pleasure working with him. Jeff discovers potential in people and nurtures them to produce miracles.”
— Anonymous

“Jeff is a phenomenal Agile coach and a huge asset to any software development project. The passion he brings is unmatched and his tireless work ethic becomes contagious as the team strives toward awesomeness. Jeff's commitment to adding business value never wavers and even the most challenging projects are no match for his resourcefulness.”
— Anonymous

“Jeff is a treasure trove of knowledge on all things Agile and is a pleasure work with and a great mentor. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone or organization venturing into Agile for guidance.”
— Anonymous

“We were just starting our journey toward Agile as a company when I brought Jeff on. Wow... what a difference he made to the team and to our entire organization. After our humble beginnings with one team, we've now spread the Agile virus to the entire IT department as well to other areas in the company.”
— Anonymous

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