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Jimi Fosdick

With more than 14 years of experience in product development, Jimi Fosdick has worked in a wide range of industries, including publishing, software, advertising, and the public sector. As a Certified Scrum Trainer, he conducts dozens of public courses around the world each year, helping organizations to surface dysfunction and improve processes through Scrum.

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Prior to November 2008, Fosdick spent four years advocating Agile approaches to project management, first as a program and project manager and, later, as an independent Agile and Scrum consultant. During this time, he worked with companies such as CIBER, Inc., Avenue A | Razorfish, MTV Networks, and Microsoft, helping them transform to more Agile ways of working using Scrum. During his work at CIBER, he helped introduce Scrum and Agile techniques to the entire Government Products branch, serving as an advocate for these processes internally and for CIBER’s clients, while also managing multimillion dollar, business-critical product development efforts. Similarly, at MTV Networks, he helped initiate a pilot project that served as proof of Scrum’s transformative potential for the entire MTVN project organization.

Prior to these consulting engagements, he spent a decade working in various capacities in software, including as a program manager of software product development and solutions architecture at the Riverside Publishing Company and a senior staff developer at Polycom, Inc.

Fosdick is a PMI-certified PMP and received his MBA in project management from Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago. As an undergraduate, he studied mathematics and computer science at Loyola University in Chicago. He currently lives just outside of Portland, Oregon with his children Jaz and Sophie.

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“Jimi was AWESOME! He was very funny and had a great style of explaining concepts. Basically I most enjoyed the instructor. I have a lot of knowledge, but I really enjoyed his no nonsense approach.”
— Melanie Mitchell

“Jimi had a very good style and pacing. He brought in real cases which was great. It was great that he made himself available for questions afterwards and the course was very open. FUN!”
— Storg Piko

“Jimi was instrumental in bringing Scrum and the Agile practice to CIBER in Vancouver Washington. He is a clear and decisive leader of the highest caliber. He is an asset to any business.”
— Felix De Herrera

“Got lots of idea to try out, e.g. backlog grooming. Got also lots of answers/ideas to improve, thanks to Jimi! [He is] great, engaged, loving what he is doing! Excellent job!”
— Kempe Laurent

“The instructor was great. Jimi taught us and showed us respect and really knew his stuff!... Lots of respect for his students, very knowlegeable and approachable.”
— Isaac Vanderpuye

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