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Luke Walter

Luke Walter is a Certified Scrum Trainer® and Agile Coach, helping organizations maximize value delivery using the Scrum framework and Agile development practices. He guides senior management, development, and operations through the challenges intrinsic to agile adoptions, enabling them to adopt more meaningful measures of progress and realign for effectiveness.

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A 9-year Scrum veteran with over 8000 hours logged on high-performing Scrum teams, he brings an uncommon depth of real-world agile experience to organizations seeking to transcend procedural and cultural barriers to success.

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“We took a Scrum class from Luke and found it to be extremely educational about the capabilities of new development methodologies. Luke is extremely knowledgeable in the field and offered good insight into how to apply the methodologies not only to the course material in the class, but also to real world examples that we presented him with from our ongoing project work. I would highly recommend Luke as a trainer or collaborator on Scrum and agile methodologies.”
— Cameron Mathews

“Luke did an excellent job in sharing his Agile methodology expertise and domain knowledge. Coupled with his solid grip on Agile/Scrum domain, his training format is one of the best training formats I have attended in a very long time. Our organization has invited Luke multiple times and everybody coming out of his class really feels enlightened and empowered on Agile methodology. I highly recommend Luke for any project and/or organization which is thinking of leveraging Agile methodology and/or wanting to take their Agile implementation to the next level.”
— Praveen Jhurani

“Luke gave our organization an Introduction to Agile and Scrum Essentials class that was fantastic. Luke is very knowledgeable and a great instructor and trainer. He was able to apply the material to real world situations to make the training meaningful and valuable. I highly recommend Luke as Scrum and Agile trainer and coach.”
— Curt Wall, PMP

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