Certified Scrum Trainer

Marcos Garrido

Marcos Garrido is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Scrum Coach (CSC), and Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) with more than 15 year experience in IT projects and has been working with Agile Teams since 2008. As a trainer and Coach, Garrido helps small companies and large corporations to achieve outstanding results when it comes to Agile adoption.

He also teaches Scrum to MBA Students of the Business School at the Catholical University in Rio de Janeiro and Lean Startup, Management 3.0 and Facilitation techniques everywhere else. He's an active member of Lean and Agile community, with a strong interest in the challenges of Agile transition, product management and startup's customer development process. Garrido has spoken at a number of events around the globe, including Global Scrum Gatherings (São Paulo, Munich, Orlando (2x), New Orleans, Phoenix and Prague) and the most relevant conferences in South America. He's also the chair for the largest Agile conference in South America: Scrum Gathering Rio (2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017). Besides training, Garrido has strong coaching skills, helping Product Owners, ScrumMasters and Developers to improve their techniques, achieving outstanding results. He holds an MSc in Management and Scrum Alliance's CST, CSC, CSPO, CSD, CSM and CSP and he is an official Management 3.0 facilitator.


“I took Marcos's CSM Course and found it to be very insightful and highly interactive. It was great to have the opportunity to be instructed by a trainer that not only has a deep understanding of the Agile Scrum Framework, Philosophy, and Roles, but also has extensive experience in how they are applied in the real world. The knowledge that I gained in this course enabled me to successfully pass the Scrum Alliance Scrum Master Exam in my first attempt.”

“Marcos is a great interactive, inventive, and most importantly - patient, instructor. He really engages with everyone in the class, and presents everything in a way that gets the class to effortlessly engage back with him.”
— Brent Boylen

“Marcos was a very knowledgeable and engaging instructor.”
— Anonymous

“Marcos was an absolutely fantastic instructor! He was clearly knowledgeable and very engaging, and both the topics he covered and his teaching methods were truly interesting and enjoyable.”
— Anonymous

“Marcus was real, not just another text book teacher. I enjoyed his real life examples in order to explain/show the different methods/concepts. Even if you are locked up by the methods used at your current job, this course is great for self-improvement, and certainly self-empowerment to move on with your career path.”
— Jose Casanova

“It was an eye opening experience mostly due to the fact that our trainer Marcos had so much experience in the field. No question posted from the group stunned him. His real life examples and tips to overcome real application challenges were/are priceless!”
— JT

“A+, 5 / 5 star rating. Already recommended him and the class to a few other key players in our organization.”
— JT

“I absolutely loved the trainer and the knowledge sharing, as well as the group communication of sharing personal experiences and real life scenarios.”
— Teresa Uranga

“I enjoyed the fact that the trainer was so well rounded and well traveled that he had so much experience to share about past employers and their issues in relation to the use of agile methodologies.”
— Teresa Uranga

“I really enjoyed the course. The instructor structured the course based on the people in the room, the problems with agile they were experiencing, and made it more discussion based ... I thought that was a great way to structure things to make sure everyone is taking away valuable information from the course.”
— Anonymous

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