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Petri Heiramo

Petri Heiramo is particularly interested in looking at Scrum and Agile as a holistic approach to improving the competitiveness of businesses. As a coach and a trainer, he emphasizes the need for businesses to focus on generating value, and creating a system of value creation, as a means to success.

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In his trainings, Petri focuses on "2.0" knowledge and understanding why and how Agile can work. No single practice works everywhere, so in addition to"kicking the wheels", participants will take a look "under the hood" to understand what are the most important parts and how to help people move towards better teams and higher value.

Participants in the trainings have liked the interactive style and many conversations around the training topics. They have also liked the fact that there are no PowerPoint slides. There are plenty of exercises and participants are challenged to think and learn together. Mixed with that are deeper insights and practical experiences from the projects over the years.

Petri has over 15 years of experience in developing software as a developer, project manager, QA manager, process improvement manager, ScrumMaster, coach and trainer – and has deep theoretical and practical experience with both the traditional and Agile approaches to software development. Agile approaches have been his focus since 2005, and he was the first person in Finland to become a Certified Scrum Trainer in November 2008. Petri has experience with a wide variety of projects, in organizations ranging from small local companies and to large multinationals.

His greatest joy in Agile is seeing people enjoy their work again. Of course, seeing a happy and engaged customer is great, too, and so is instilling a new kind of pride and common sense in the work people do.


“Course had a good, clear layout. Trainer was driven, enthusiastic and presented ideas clearly.”
— Bas Biesheurel

“Petri inspired me a lot. I learned a lot more than I expected. He’s a great instructor.”
— Jud Bosch

“This course taught me how to better utilize Scrum in my project. I enjoyed the discussions and practical assignments. Petri was very funny and a good teacher.”
— Youssef Messaoudi

“I was interested in learning how to implement Scrum in my organization. I think I’ve now got a good overall view of Scrum and am better equipped to start using it. Petri was great! Good presentation skills and knowledge!”
— Nick Berry

“The pace of the course and teamwork was great. Petri was enjoyable, professional, encouraging and explained things thoroughly.”
— Nikke SuominenI

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