Certified Agile Trainer

Subhash Warrior
SAFe Agilist, CSM, PMP

Subhash Warrior is a software consultant with expertise in Value Stream delivery with DevOps and has 20 years’ experience in configuration management, version control and CI/CD platforms.

Full Bio

Subhash has been a software process mentor and coach with a focus on the engineering practices (branching, builds, continuous integration, continuous deployment) that allow Agile DevOps practices and has experience with both the Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid methodologies to software delivery.

As an Implementation Consultant, he has successfully implemented Value Stream (Continuum integration with V1 and DevOps tools) using Agile practices to finance, healthcare and government organizations. He has also been involved in implementing ALM (TeamForge) in finance, insurance and utility industries.

Prior to these consulting engagements, he has more than 25 years’ experience working in various capacities in software Configuration Management, Release Management, Build/Deploy Management and as a Technical Architect developing ALM frameworks.

Outside of work, Subhash manages his Real Estate Investment business. He is also an avid Pickleball athlete and volunteers his spare time for NGO/NPO activities.

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