Certified Scrum Trainer

Tamara Sulaiman Runyon

Tamara (Sulaiman) Runyon is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), team lead and project management professional (PMP) with more than 20 years experience in business management and software development. Currently as an Enterprise Agile Coach working with CollabNet VersionOne, she is focusing on training ScrumMasters, Product Owners and Scrum teams. Earlier, she founded and operated Applied Scrum™, an agile consulting business focused on helping organizations adopt and scale agile practices.

Full Bio

Through Applied Scrum, she has worked with such companies as AOL, Gerson-Lehrman Group, GHX, Sandia and BEA. Before that, Sulaiman was a managing consultant at SolutionsIQ. As an educator and coach, she possesses a wide range of professional expertise in training and mentoring teams new to agile and the Scrum Framework. As a thought leader, Runyon is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Agile Alliance and stepped down from her post in 2012 in order to spend more time focusing on her work with building high-performing Agile teams for her clients. She is co-author of "AgileEVM-Earned Value Management," which she has presented at several industry recognized Agile conferences. In addition, she has spoken at the Agile Project Leadership Network and the Northwest Soft ware Quality Conference. Tamara is a regular contributor to industry publications such as Gantthead, The Agile Journal, InfoQ, and Methods&Tools where she publishes her ideas and experiences on Agile project management with Scrum.



“The class was really helpful and very educational! It's a great class to get a better understanding and practice of scrum.”
— Mary DeBonis

“Tamara has a fabulous teaching arsenal to deliver engaging training.”
— Frank M

“Amazing class! I felt I packed a years' worth of knowledge into 16 hours!”
— Ross Hendrix

“I only understood the definition of Scrum prior to the course. At the end I felt I was able to execute Scrum.”
— Ross Hendrix

“I found Tamara's class to be very valuable. She helped me better understand how I can become an effective SM for my team.”
— Lauren Strawn

“Tamara provided me with very good tools moving forward.”
— Lauren Strawn


“I took your CSPO class last week. I wanted to send you a note to tell you that it was an amazing class, and I believe we all learned a lot, especially from the practical scenarios and exercises.
I personally want to apply a lot of the things I learned. You are a great instructor, really liked your class.I have received my CSPO certificate.”
— Tere Luna

“This class helped me tie all the functions of Scrum together.”
— Sam Khan

“Interactive, learning by doing.”
— Gopi Gupta

“Lots of to-do's to bring back to my company. Thank you!.”
— Anonymous

“I found Tamara's class to be engaging. There was a lot of good information that I can use to migrate my organization to Agile..”
— Pramod Akkarachittor

“Using her vast experience, Tamara has used real case examples to explain scrum concepts and solidify the knowledge taught in class.”
— Ioan Fodor

“I'm very confident that, using the knowledge learned in this class, I'll be able to succeed with Scrum.”
— Ioan Fodor

“I had already been trained in Scrum, and I still learned useful information.”
— Ken Coomes

“Tamara's class was extremely helpful in helping me understand the agile methodology.”
— David Woltze

“Hands on learning was extremely valuable!.”
— David Woltze

“Tamara's practical experience in applying the scrum principles really made this a valuable experience.”
— Jaco du Plessis

“It was both theoretical & practical.”
— Jaco du Plessis

“I appreciated the real life experience Tamara was able to share with the class.”
— Jena Marcum

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