VersionOne Education Subscription Service


Role Based Model

Take comprehensive 4-hour courses to prepare you to perform in your role

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Activity Based Model

Take short 2-hour courses on specific activities as you are ready to learn

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Supplemental Topics

Explore specialty
topics based on your

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How Does It Work?

Once your subscription service is setup, each user will access our Learning Portal via an assigned code. Register there for any of the available scheduled courses. Retake courses as often as you like.


Annual subscription is $149/user with a 10-user minimum package. Ready to get started?

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Role Based Model

Interested in a "day in the life" approach based on the role you perform? Jump start your education following this comprehensive role-based model comprised of 4-hour courses.

Later you may choose to supplement your training “a la carte” style with any of the 2-hour activity-based courses for a just-in-time refresher review or to explore supplemental topics.

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Activity Based Model

Training on your terms! Are you a new user exploring product features to get started, or an existing user looking for a quick refresher on a product feature you are preparing to use? Design your training plan “a la carte” style as it best
suits your needs and pacing.

Learning Paths

Start with VersionOne Overview & Key Concepts and then choose a basic learning path that aligns with your needs to get started using VersionOne or pick and choose your own path.

Supplemental Topics

As it fits your needs, consider these additional topics

Regression Test Management