VersionOne Private Classes

Course Description
VersionOne for ScrumMasters, Coaches and Team Leads Comprehensive course for scrum masters, coaches and team leads that guide you through how to use VersionOne to setup and plan your backlog, releases/program increments, and sprints. Also learn how to manage issues, analyze capacity, configure team rooms, and execute & close sprints.
VersionOne for Product Owners Comprehensive course for product owners. Learn to manage your intake process by decomposing portfolio features to build, organize, and rank your backlog including managing issues and defining backlog dependencies. Also learn to schedule work into releases/program increments and sprints.
VersionOne Foundations Comprehensive course for an agile team member and a starting course for Product Owner and ScrumMasters. Learn how to use VersionOne to build your backlog, plan your sprints, and track your work daily from the Team Room.
VersionOne for Administrators Learn how to use the administration capabilities to configure and customize a VersionOne instance.
VersionOne Overview & Key Concepts Learn the basics of navigating, collaborating, and managing data with VersionOne. Start with this overview to help you get started with the VersionOne enterprise agile platform.
VersionOne Backlog Management Learn to manage your intake process to build, organize, and rank your backlog including managing issues and defining backlog dependencies.
VersionOne Team Process Management Learn how to get a new agile team setup in VersionOne including configuring a team room, setting up sprints, capturing capacity and proper sprint closure activities.
VersionOne Portfolio Management Learn how to define, decompose, and plan your portfolio of work to ensure alignment with your strategies and road-maps enabling transparency & decision making.
VersionOne Team Work Execution Learn how to utilize VersionOne for daily team level planning, tracking and collaboration actives from the Team Room.
VersionOne Release Management Learn how to plan, schedule and monitor releases/program increments in VersionOne. Analyze capacity and forecast completion of planned work, creating transparency with progress metrics.
VersionOne Regression Test Management Learn how to build a regression test inventory to support regression test management. Utilize VersionOne regression planning to define your test plans and suites to generate backlog test sets for scheduling into sprints. Please note regression planning is only available in Ultimate Edition.
VersionOne Analytics Dashboards and Grids Overview Learn how to build and share your own metric dashboards & interactive grid style reports. Please note this is for VersionOne Ultimate Edition users only.
VersionOne API Overview Learn how to begin using the VersionOne API to develop integration components, custom reports and other tools. This course requires some technical knowledge of APIs and development skill set.
VersionOne Analytics Workshop Learn how to build your own dashboards, interactive analytic grids and custom reports.
VersionOne Health Check Workshop Learn how to optimize your VersionOne configuration and agile practices by reviewing your current processes and goals, assessing your VersionOne feature usage & setup, and developing recommendations and a plan for continuous improvement.