Codify Development Processes with Agile ALM

As enterprises seek to industrialize their processes and software development practices, ALM is key to codify and create reusable IP. Modern development teams need an ALM platform that supports fast-changing and diverse requirements for tools, technologies and processes. With CollabNet’s Agile ALM, you can:

  • Manage any process (Agile and mixed), any technology (.NET and Java, Mobile, etc.), and any tool. Tying in ALM tools, on premise or in the cloud
  • Leverage best industry practices and create organizational IP with quick start templates that codify data definitions, tool integrations, and workflows
  • Drive reuse and transparency with cross-project reporting, discovery, and traceability
Codify Development Processes
Agile Solutions Overview

With CollabNet Agile Transformation services organizations adopt Agile practices like Continuous integration, Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

With TeamForge and CloudForge, CollabNet delivers an Agile development and deployment hub for your enterprise. You can codify the right set of agile and mixed processes that meet your distinct business needs, development frameworks and application deployment targets. Work with us to create your Agile Transformation Strategy and to deploy Agile throughout your organization.

TeamForge is the on-premise and private cloud platform for distributed development, for even the most complex and distributed enterprises. CloudForge, CollabNet’s development Platform-as-a Service (dPaaS), lets you tap into multiple clouds, both privately managed and publicly ‘instant-on’ provisioned.

From agile development through continuous integration to enabling iterative code, build, test and release, CollabNet helps enterprises integrate formerly fractured process and tool silos. TeamForge enforces governance without imposing artificial boundaries on your most scarce resources, the development teams. And you can elastically access build, test, and deployment servers in local and remote clouds to support your agile processes.

The following products make up the CollabNet Agile ALM solution, providing unprecedented flexibility and cost-effectiveness over traditional ALM solutions:

Solution Overview
  Property Traditional ALM Agile ALM with TeamForge and TeamForge Connect
1 Code management LAN based, proprietary Web based, open source (Subversion, Git)
2 Governance and security Medium, due to high degree of shadow IT High
3 Integration with Operations No consideration Accounts for integration and delivery
4 Tool support Requires ‘rip & replace’ Federates across tools, open & closed source
5 Agile & CI traceability Weak, due to loose or custom integration of various point tools Completely traceable ALM platform with APIs to integrate in point tools into the agile lifecycle
6 Analytics and collaboration Reporting and collaboration an after-though only Analytics and social architecture at core of platform