A monumental challenge of governments is to serve citizens' increasing demands for programs and services with increasingly limited funding.

Public sector leaders are finding that the solution to improving the lives of their citizens is through a well-coordinated digital transformation.

Local, regional and national governments around the world are seeking the methods, processes, and solutions that equip them to meet their objectives.


According to Gartner almost 40 percent of CIOs are on a bi-modal IT journey. Operating in a bi-modal manner allows separate but rationalized development efforts to provide maximized results across the broad spectrum of mission-critical tasks. In these cases, a preferred approach can be traditional ALM focused on reducing IT support costs, driving standardization and IP reuse.

Agile Management

Transitioning to agile development can yield significant benefits. The US Social Security Administration shifted to agile development to get it's $300 million IT-modernization program on track. After the move, the program delivered new application capabilities for one-third of the regular cost, while exceeding customers' expectations.*

Version Control

The backbone of all development is enterprise version control. Having a modern, user-friendly platform is essential for team cohesion and project success. Today that often means adopting Git and Subversion, with estimates of their use being in excess of 85%. We provide the functionality you need like history protection, code review, pull request and more in an enterprise-class solution.


Need to move from twice per year releases to monthly? Then DevOps could be the solution you are looking for. When applied correctly DevOps can help you measures and optimize performance to accelerate software delivery by providing real-time data to identify and eliminate bottlenecks and lower your deployment costs.

Agile Devops Version control

“Value Stream Management is a new category of tools that are emerging to solve the problem of managing, visualizing, and more importantly, measuring business value throughput across a complex, distributed, and heterogeneous set of environments.”*

* Forrester