Enterprise Value Stream Management

Enterprise Value Stream Business and IT

Organizations that align software development and delivery with business objectives are able to scale Agile and DevOps transformations more effectively. This emerging trend, referred to as Enterprise Value Stream Management (EVSM), is allowing organizations to focus on work that delivers value to the customer and the business.

Enterprise Value Sream Management

Enterprise Value Stream Management provides a holistic approach to application development and delivery by applying the principals of Agile-plus-DevOps to the entire product delivery pipeline. As a result, organizations achieve:

  • Process and flow improvements
  • Increased management visibility
  • Compatible data and measurements across tools
  • Increased collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Decreased deployment delays, inefficiencies and errors
  • Alignment with business strategy

These benefits apply to all stakeholders across the enterprise — from portfolio to program, release and team.

Enterprise Value Stream Management

Accelerate & Scale Delivery With Confidence

Accelerate Delivery With Confidence

VS is a unified Value Stream Management platform that enables organizations to scale Agile-plus-DevOps with enterprise-grade Git version control across the enterprise so they can keep software development and delivery closely aligned with business objectives.


Align Delivery with Value for Red Hat OpenShift

Accelerate Delivery for OpenShift

VS for Red Hat OpenShift is a unified Value Stream Management platform that enables organizations to identify the value and risk being delivered by providing visibility of code commits from individual container, through the orchestration layer and the infrastructure platform underneath.