Support - Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How can I reach CollabNet VersionOne support?

Methods for contacting support vary with the support plan you have purchased. For more details click here.

2. How do I add more people to my list of named contacts?

The primary point of contact from a company can request addition of support contacts by opening a support case. The number of named contacts allowable is defined by our Support Plans.

3. How can I see all the cases filed by our company support contacts?

Default settings allow the primary point of contact (POC) to view all the cases filed by his colleagues. To grant this permission to other team members, file a support case that has been approved by the POC.

4. How do I change the priority of a case once it is created?

The priority field is not editable from support portal once the case is created. To change priority, update the case with the desired priority and CollabNet VersionOne support representatives will change it for you.

5. How do I reach the support person who is handling my case directly?

If you have purchased phone support, call our support hotline number and to reach the person handling your case. If your contact is not available, we can arrange a call back at your convenience. Our support organization is 24x7, with representatives in different time zones. We will do our best to put you in contact with the proper resource.

6. Is there a free online training for Apache™ Subversion®?

For beginners there is free documentation available for Subversion at: For more advanced users visit our Training Portal.

7. How do I get license for CollabNet TeamForge®?

Your CollabNet VersionOne account owner will provide you the license upon your purchase or renewal. You can also contact support to coordinate with account owner to obtain a license.

8. How do I escalate a case?

The escalation process is detailed here Support Policies.

9. Where can I get the documentation on CollabNet TeamForge® (CTF)?

The documentation for all of our products is available in the CollabNet VersionOne Help Center.

10. What levels of support does CollabNet VersionOne offer? What is the difference?

CollabNet VersionOne offers three levels of support: silver, gold, and platinum. Detailed descriptions of the plans can be found under Support Plans.

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