Silver Support Program

CollabNet Support provides ongoing product updates and patches, SaaS migrations, guaranteed response times, on-line help and knowledge bases, and more. In addition, CollabNet provides free openCollabNet Community Support which includes access to FAQs, release notes, roadmaps, user forums and documents for general installation and integrations issues for all CollabNet products and services.

The scope of this specification is to describe the services provided by the Silver Support Program. Contact CollabNet via our web form or call us at 678-268-3320 for more details, or to purchase a support plan.

Support Access

The CollabNet Support Portal is a web-based case submission and management tool for opening and managing support tickets. Login information for the Support Portal is provided during your On Boarding call or you can Contact Us to get your credentials.

Support Hours

CollabNet will provide support 8 business hours per day, 5 work days per week (Monday – Friday) excluding holidays and excluding weekends. Customers will be able to submit email and case requests via CollabNet’s self-service portal 24 x 7 x 365 (excluding Support Portal maintenance windows). CollabNet Support staff will have access 24 x 7 x 365 to Operations’ engineers responsible for ensuring hosted production site availability.

Response Time

CollabNet’s response time to any request for support will be based upon the level of Support Services purchased by Customer and the severity of the case reported.

A response will be one of the following:

  • A potential problem resolution,
  • A request for more information which will allow CollabNet to determine the next steps towards potential problem resolution, or
  • If the issue, at CollabNet's sole discretion, requires escalation or extensive time to research, a notification of the response duration needed to provide the client contact with more information, potential workarounds, or a resolution.

The following information describes how CollabNet’s Support Policy is organized to respond to all cases and Application Defects based on their reported severity and assigned priority.

Case Allotment

Customers are encouraged to contact CollabNet Support whenever they suspect defects or site outages. CollabNet will provide technical and functional support based on a set of pre-defined Priority Guidelines. The expectation for resolution will be set based on the nature and number of cases open at any given time.

Silver support customers have up to 74 annual support cases for technical and functional assistance.

SLA-conforming P1 Defects are as follows

Priority of Issue Initial Response Time
P1 4hrs
P2 24hrs
P3 2-3days

Customers can contact CollabNet support on weekends for P1 issues.

Named Contacts

CollabNet manages the number of customer contacts interacting with its Support Operations through named contacts that are trained on CollabNet solutions and authorized to interact with the CollabNet Support organization. Silver support customers are allowed to identify up to 2 named contacts.

System Monitoring and Health Management

This section is only applicable when the product is offered as a service.

Regardless of the Support Program selected, a production site hosted by CollabNet is monitored 24 x 7 x 365. If the monitored services were to become unresponsive, an Operations Engineer would be paged and attend to the problem immediately.

CollabNet provides Silver Support customers with a ninety-nine percent (99%) uptime guarantee for Hosting Services.

Tool Conversions

Tool conversion projects, either from Issue Tracking to Project Tracker or CollabNet CVS to CollabNet Apache™ Subversion® will be provided per statement of work including then current schedule and fees for customer with silver support.

Additional Support Offerings

Silver Support Services customers will be offered the following optional services at an additional charge

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