Support Policies

CollabNet Support Ticket Filing Process

Support Portal

Access the CollabNet Support Portal by going to:
CollabNet Support login

To report a problem or issue to CollabNet, use this web-based case submission and management tool. Login information for the Support Portal is provided during your On Boarding call or you can contact us
to get your credentials.

Phone Support (Platinum and Gold Plans only)

Gold and Platinum customers can call the hotline numbers to report an issue.

International: +1.650.228.2561
US Domestic: +1.800.211.3047

Email Support

CollabNet provides email-based support for Silver, Gold and Platinum customers. Email communication is integrated into the CollabNet Support Portal so that the history of all issues is captured.

  • When a user sends an email, a Support case is automatically opened.
  • Reponses provided by CollabNet Support generate an email back to the user.
  • Users can continue to communicate with CollabNet Support using email.
  • Users also can use the Web portal to track the case reported through email.

Live Chat (Platinum and PSA Plans only)

CollabNet provides Live Chat assistance for customers who have purchased the Personal Support Admin and Platinum Plan. Live Chat is an online, real-time way to contact CollabNet Technical Support Team.

CollabNet Escalation Process

Escalations in CollabNet Support process are classified into two types:

  • Technical Escalation - The Solution provided is not satisfactory or the issue requires a senior resource to provide faster and more comprehensive updates.
  • Management Escalation - Case reported needs to have a higher priority and quicker resolution.

Technical Escalation

  1. Silver customers can use our Web-based case management tool to escalate the case. Customers can add comments to the issue requesting an escalation, along with the reason.
  2. Gold customers, in addition to Option 1, can also use our Support Hotline and request the Support agent to escalate the case to a Senior Support Engineer.
  3. Platinum customers, in addition to options 1 and 2, receive custom escalation options for the highest level of attention.

Technical escalation cases are handled with the same response time SLA as per the priority chosen.

Management Escalation

Customers have the following options to escalate cases:

  • The primary management escalation path is through the CollabNet Customer Satisfaction Manager. Notify your Customer Satisfaction Manager any time you are unhappy with any aspect of your support experience. Email: Support Managers.

Customers are encouraged to use any combination of the above support escalation processes to drive the appropriate response. Any questions can be directed to any member of your account team. The continual improvement of the customer support experience is a collaborative effort between CollabNet and our customers.

Other Options

  • Your Sales Representative, Technical Account Manager or Personal Support admin can also escalate issues on your behalf within CollabNet

Satisfaction Surveys

Every time you close an issue related to a CollabNet Product, CollabNet sends you a survey. The CollabNet Customer Satisfaction manager reviews the returned survey and, based on a set of QA processes, selects cases to follow up via phone. You can take full advantage of this opportunity by providing feedback whether good, bad, or neutral.

Your feedback will help us to improve the CollabNet Support experience.