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CollabNet offers the most widely used application lifecycle management platform for distributed software development, backed by three support programs Silver; Gold, and Platinum on an annual or multi-year subscription basis.

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CollabNet offers and hosts free support for TeamForge, including our Community forums where people discuss technical questions, best practices and the future of the CollabNet platform.


CollabNet TeamForge 6.1.1 User Guide

  1. Get started with CollabNet TeamForge
  2. Contribute to a project
  3. Run a project
  4. Run a site
  5. TeamForge 6.1.1 FAQ
  6. TeamForge 6.1.1 reference library
  7. TeamForge 6.1.1 release notes
  8. Administrating TeamForge 6.1.1 on Red Hat
  9. Upgrade to TeamForge 6.1.1 on Red Hat
  10. Patch TeamForge 6.1
  11. Maintain your TeamForge 6.1.1 site
  12. TeamForge 6.1.1 on Red Hat reference
  13. TeamForge 6.1.1 on Red Hat FAQ
  14. TeamForge 6.1.1 release notes

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